Zabzugu District Hospital lacks Radiographer

Zabzugu District Hospital lacks Radiographer

Residents of zabzugu district cannot access the services of a Radiographer, though there is an X’Ray machine purchased and mounted at the District Hospital for the past three years.

Counting the difficulty and frustration some patients go through, a participant at the recently held Town Hall Meeting made a passionate appeal to the DCE Mr. Ahmed Abubakari Idirisu to get one posted to the district.

The Town Hall Meeting was organized by the Ministry of Information through the Information Services Department (ISD) in collaboration with the district assembly.

It aim at sensitizing the people at the grassroot level on the various policies and programs rolled out since the assumption of power by the governing government.

The District Information Officer, Mr. Klenam Noble Kuegbesika, in a presentation outlined some flagship programs of the government, relating them to how they are positively affecting the lives of the citizenry.

He touched on policies like the Planting for Food and Jobs, Free SHS and BECE subsidies. Among others reduction in some taxes and cost of electricity.
Mr. Kuegbesika explained to the participants that no government comes to power to share physical cash to its people.

He said one way that a government can put money in the pockets of the people is through the introduction of social intervention and other pro-poor programmes.

He emphasised that, a farmer who now pays 50 per cent of the actual cost of fertilizer instead of the full cost will have the rest of the money remaining in his pocket.

He added that, a parent who but for the introduction of the Free SHS would have had to spend over Ghc 1,000.00 as an admission fee for his ward entering SHS now has that money remained in his pocket.
“This is what is meant by government putting money in the pockets of its people” he said.

Mr. Ahmed Abubakari Idirisu, speaking on the theme “Bringing governance to the doorstep of the citizenry” said as an Assembly, they are bound by law to periodically account to the people they serve at the local level.

In his presentation, he explained to the participants about the Assembly’s role in the implementation of those policies and how they are affecting the lives of the people in his district.

Mr. Idirisu said a total of 3,580 and 2,491 farmers have been registered during the 2017 and 2018 farming seasons respectively under the Planting for Food and Jobs program.

He added that 100 mini bags of maize seeds and 1,146 mini bags of rice seeds were distributed to a total of 177 farmers across the district.

Speaking on education, the DCE said the assembly has provided 1,300 school uniforms to some JHS students. “We have also procured and distributed 340 dual desks, 68 metal boxes and 160 tables and chairs for some selected schools in the district”.

He urged the District Education Directorate to do their best to complement the efforts of the government and the Assembly in the quest of improving upon the standard of education in the district.

On health, the DCE mentioned that the assembly has furnished the pediatric ward of the District Hospital with beds and some other medical equipment. “We have also provided two new motorbikes, delivery and admission beds among others to CHPS Compounds at Ojoja, Gorkukani and Kpalgagbini to enhance service delivery.

After the presentations, some of the participants took turns to ask questions on various sectors of interest to them. Majority of the concerns were on the bad nature of the Yendi – Zabzugu – Tatale road. Others wanted answers on why the X’Ray machine purchased and installed at the District Hospital has been nonfunctioning for three years.

Reacting to the concerns of the people, Mr. Idirisu sighted inadequate Radiographers in the staff strength of the Ghana Health Service as the reason why Zabzugu district, despite many efforts still does not have one permanently stationed at the District Hospital.

He said as a temporary measure, there is an arrangement with the authorities of the Yendi Municipal Hospital that anytime there is the critical and urgent need, one is sent from Yendi to come and render that service for the patient in need and go back.

He said he and the District health Directorate are still making frantic efforts to get one posted permanently to the district hospital.

The District Director of Health, Chief Awuntomah in reaction to the people’s concern on combining both female and male patients in the same ward, said it is also due to inadequate nursing staff at the hospital.

According to him, the opening of the children’s ward called for some nurses working on the main wards to be assigned to the children’s ward, hence the shortage of staff to manage the two adult wards seperately.

However he added that his outfit is expecting some new posting soon to augment the staff strength at the hospital which will see the situation reverse to normalcy.

On the part of the poor nature of Yendi – Zabzugu – Tatale road, the DCE, said the current has secured funds from the World Bank for its construction.

Source: Klenam Noble Kuegbesika
District Information Officer
Information Services Department


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