Total Lunar Eclipse to hit Accra July 27

Total Lunar Eclipse to hit Accra July 27

A global total Lunar Eclipse will be visible in Accra on Friday July 27 between 18:11hours and 23:28 hours, information reaching the Ghana News Network (GNN) says.

The total Lunar Eclipse which is expected to last for 5hours 17 minutes will begin with a total moon eclipse at 19:30 hours followed by maximum eclipse at exactly 20:21 hours. This will show visibly a red moon closest to the centre of the shadow with altitude of 29 degree Celsius.

According to reports, the total lunar eclipse, will end at 21:13 hours followed by partial eclipse and penumbral eclipse at 22:19 and 23:28 hours respectively.

Reports indicates that in the past Lunar Eclipse, also known as the red moon, took place in a cloudy 96 per cent of the time, since 2000.

This is the second time, the world including Ghana will witness a total lunar eclipse. This will be visible in parts of Australia, Asia, Africa, Europe and South America.

A Lunar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes within the Earth’s shadow, darkening the moon slightly. The shadow begins to eclipse part of the moon, turning red moon.

Source: GNN


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