“Shithole” Musings on my Mind

“Shithole” Musings on my Mind

I am aware there is no evidence to justify that US President, Donald Trump actually described or called out Africans as “shitholes”.

His “rough”statement which was uttered behind closed doors yet expected to remain within the confines of it hearers was allegedly linked to the public.

Top Officials of the African continent have expressed unsatisfactory, anger, unacceptance and dismay about the said statement including an official statement from the office of our very own NADAA.

Misplaced grievances?


Let us be honest with ourselves as Africans. I have never for once travelled to any African country but thanks to information technology which has made it virtually possible.

Just look at the definition of shithole: “extremely dirty, shabby environment or unpleasant place”.

Granted his statement was racially personified, however, logically speaking Trump was brutally “right” with his specification about Africans. Did you just ask me why?

Trump’s elucidation is justified because we Africans are just so dirty! Extremely dirty! Untidy and shabby. Simple!

Ghana is a representative of Africa when it comes to democracy so I assume we can represent Africa on this whole issue about “shithole” right?

We are “dirty”in our line of duty, in our ministries, in our family, in our environments, in our education.

I mean look around you? Look at Ghana. Look at disposable plastics everywhere. Look at human waste everywhere. Look at the extremely homeless kids everywhere. Look at some greedy, lazy disabled beggars on our streets.

Look at our choked gutters, the bridges and slums. Seen the dirt in there? Seen how even well dressed literates throw rubbish all about?

Seen and read reports about the dirt concerning domestic violence against girls(pardon me but I don’t want to use the word “defilement”) as young as three years?

And we are all whining and demanding an apology because a certain controversial republican honestly described us just as we are?

Look at our governments. Examine the level of dirt( I’m trying hard to avoid the word “corruption”) in there.

The elected are always speaking of “sweeping” the dirt but guess they have short of cleaners! ghasssh.

And we are whining for being described as “shitholes”? That is a “rough” statement but are we different from the description?

If we are, why don’t we help the honest man by proving him wrong in action rather than in word and signatures? Why don’t we get to work by cleaning our environment and enforcing laws on sanitation?

Why don’t we clean the dirt in our government NOW? Why don’t we stop “dirtying” our minds as Africans and respond with concrete, logical argument? Why don’t we stay in our various country and clean the “shitholes”?

Why don’t we plan and build latrines in our various homes instead of “beautifying” the environment with “shitholes”?

Why would you want to travel and infect the US with your “shithole” attitudes and mindsets?

Their representative says, stay ouchea here and keep your dirt.

If you don’t understand please, just keep mute .?


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