How to Wear Colorful Lipstick — Even if You’re Afraid of Color

How to Wear Colorful Lipstick — Even if You’re Afraid of Color

There’s a good chance you’ve got 10 different shades of lipstick in your makeup drawer but still reach for that tinted balm Every. Single. Day. Whether it’s because you don’t feel like a grownup in baby pink lips, haven’t found the right opportunity for red, or can’t figure out how to wear a deep berry shade, there’s always an excuse.

Well, to prove that you can wear color on a daily basis no matter what, teamed up with Dior celebrity makeup artist Daniel Martin to create four stunning beauty looks that deliver serious impact. Here’s all the inspiration you need to finally swap your balm for that bubblegum-pink lipstick you’ve been dying to use.

Pink and blue is a classic girly color combo, but it can look like you’re heading to an early ‘00s Easter-themed party — unless you choose the right shades.

After your usual base and brow routine, sweep a seafoam blue-green eye shadow over your eyelids, starting from the lash line and going all the way up to the brow bone. Really layer on the color to keep things from looking washed out. Add a hint of definition by tightlining your upper and lower lash lines with a black eyeliner, then finish with mascara.

To balance out those pastel eyes without overpowering them, opt for a baby pink lip like Dior Addict Lacquer Stick in Bubble. Make sure your lips stay true to the color of the lipstick by first “neutralizing your natural lip color with foundation, and then applying your lip color,” says Martin.

Jason Kim

Crimson Kiss

When paired with bold brows and lush lashes (aka your regular makeup), a poppy red shade can look nonchalant and effortless for daytime.

Add definition to your eyes by tracing along your top and bottom waterlines with a creamy black eyeliner. Your eyes will water a bit here, but Martin says to use that to your advantage: “You kind of want to tear up so it helps to bleed the liner. That’s what gives it the cool rock ‘n’ roll-y look.” Then add to the smudged effect by blinking into your mascara instead of detailing out every single lash. Yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like — just hold your wand horizontally against your lashes and blink several times against the wand.

As for your lips, use a thin lip brush to apply a rorange lip color (that’s red orange) like Dior Addict Lacquer Stick in Party Red. One coat will give you a flush of color, but you can keep layering it on for a bolder look like Martin did here. He says, “With these Dior lipsticks, because they have so much saturation, you can just keep reapplying and the color will get deeper.”

Jason Kim
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Coral Crush

Martin took a page from the ’80s here, using a technique called draping to connect the eyes and cheeks with a peach hue, but then added a modern monochromatic twist with a coordinating lip. See, it all comes full circle.

To get this look, dip a large blush brush into a soft peach blush and then swirl the color all over your eyelids, down your temples, and right onto the apples of your cheeks. You can build up the intensity after a first pass and go in with a smaller eye shadow brush to define the eyes more if you want to. The idea is to connect your eyes and cheeks with the same color, so have fun with it.

Mascara and brow gel will give your eyes more depth, and because you want to focus on the peach here, step away from the contouring powder and highlighter. “This already creates a lot of dimension to the look, so you don’t need to go in and add any more, which will combat the color,” Martin says. Keep the monochrome going with a coordinating peach lip, like Dior Addict Lacquer Stick in Rolling. Apply the color straight from the tube, but then “blend and blur it using your finger” for a lived-in vibe, says Martin.

Jason Kim

Berry Burst

Channel your inner goth with a dark shade, but one with berry tones, so your look feels more grownup than that phase you went through in college.

To keep dark lips from overwhelming your look, Martin suggests doing your lips first before any eye makeup. “This enables you to see how much attention you want to create, and keeps the focus on your mouth,” he says. With such a rich lipstick shade like this, exfoliating and priming your lips is a must, so give your lips a little scrub with a toothbrush and then lightly pat on foundation. “That’ll lock down the pigment so you have a longer payoff,” says Martin. Finish with a rich deep berry shade like Dior Addict Lacquer Stick in Black Coffee. You can use lip liner if you’d like, but going liner-free makes this look feel modern and youthful.

Then keep the eyes as minimal as possible since the lips are so obviously the focus of this look. Applying a little shine with petroleum jelly or even clear lip gloss can add dimension to your eyes so they don’t look flat. Just tap a bit in the center of your lids and move out toward the corners, so it doesn’t turn into a goopy mess. Then top everything off with a few strokes of mascara. So, convinced to pick up that lipstick yet?

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