Entrepreneur produces handy bamboo bottles

Entrepreneur produces handy bamboo bottles

Perhaps one of the greatest challenges of living in the 21st century is actively watching the impact of climate change unfold and not knowing exactly where to begin fixing these things. The descend started years ago and there doesn’t seem to be an end. However, mankind is finally rising to the occasion. Whether it’s a plastic ban or simply finding alternatives to everyday synthetic materials, we’ve managed to successfully think out of the box in some ways.

In recent times, bamboo is another material that has emerged as a life saver. We already have a number of bamboo products to replace everyday products. Add to that list handy bottles made out of bamboo. An eco-friendly alternative developed by former IIT-ian from Assam, Dhritiman Bora’s invention comes in various sizes and costs approximately between INR 400-600. A completely natural product, this bamboo bottle is sealed using a cork so it’s absolutely leak-proof!

“Being a natural product, the water remains cool and hygienic and being sturdy it can be taken anywhere. The plastic bottles are very bad for health and in summer can not be used it become hot”, reported North East Today.

However, Dhritiman isn’t alone. Dhritiman along with Mousom Bora are both working towards making these bamboo bottles more accessible through an e-commerce platform called www.tribalplantes.com. One of the main challenges that they’re facing is that of awareness. Local people are still not aware of day-to-day alternatives to plastic.

“I am trying to redefine the natural and raw choice of people through tribalplanets.com. We are trying to Make all the products easy available to your doorstep with little amount of digitisation. Flow and vibrant with the natural products and “say no to plastics” – said Mousom in an interview with North East Today.

Feature image credit: Facebook/ The Guwahati Times



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