Coalition of NGOs intensifies calls for the Eradication of Plastic Pollution

Coalition of NGOs intensifies calls for the Eradication of Plastic Pollution


A Coalition of concerned  NGOs in Accra on Monday called on individuals and civil societies to make it a collective effort in eradicating plastic pollution in Accra in order to preserve the earth.

In a press conference organized as an opening to the global Earth day/ March for Science movements on the theme : Eradicating Plastic Pollution”, the NGOs called on all to “make every day an earth day” in our various localities.

Mr Divine Agborli, founder of Hipsters of Nature and Media/ Publicity Team for Earth Day/ March for Science Accra, said the events which falls on April 22 will be marked in Accra on Saturday April 21 at the Afia Beach Hotel from 10am to 15pm.

He noted that the plastic pollution in Accra has become a threat due to its effects on our water bodies, especially the sea and beaches.

He lamented that “our fisher folks go to sea and plastic comes out instead of fishes. The sea creatures are also feeding on it and when we consume them we cause harm to ourselves”.

He encouraged the media to send information to the public in order to create awareness on the dangers of plastic pollution and how best to find credible solutions in eradicating the menace.

Madam Helen List, CEO of Afia Beach Hotel and member of the Steering Committee, added that society can find alternatives to plastic use in order to reduce the filth produced in the country. She expressed optimism that “we can all work together to find solutions to the plastic problems”. She said, ‘it is dangerous consuming fishes that have plastics in them”. 

Rafai Zakari, creative director of Hipsters of Nature, encouraged recycling of plastic waste for artistic works as part of efforts in eradicating plastic pollution. He said plastic waste can be reprocessed for something useful.

Mr Maurice Caschinco, Communication Coordinator of Environment 360, said there was a need for Ghana to find long-term solution to plastic pollution in the country.

He noted that the issue of plastic pollution is individual’s collective effort and not government. “As such, just as people are providing practical solutions in their countries, we too can strive to curb the menace”.

He encouraged recycling as a way forward instead of burning plastics.

The Earth Day/ March for Science Accra would include a beach cleanup, a panel discussion on the said theme, an exhibition and educational cautions to promote environmental sustainability concepts as well as fun games.

The celebration is under the auspices of Afia Beach Hotel, Hipsters of Nature, GRIPE, Al-Rayan International School, Earth Day Network and Environment360.

The global Earth Day Network is a not-for-profit organization whose mission “is to diversify, educate, and activate the environmental movement worldwide”, working with more than 50,000 partners and 1 billion participants in nearly 195 countries to build environmental democracy since 1977.

The March for Science is a global non-partisan movement to celebrate science and its role in everyday lives since 2017 after the election of US President Trump who called environmental science a “hoax”.

With a mission that emphasize science upholds the “common good and a call for evidence-based policy in the best interest of the public”, reports say the first event recorded 1.5million protestants worldwide.


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