• “Shithole” Musings on my Mind

    “Shithole” Musings on my Mind0

    I am aware there is no evidence to justify that US President, Donald Trump actually described or called out Africans as “shitholes”. His “rough”statement which was uttered behind closed doors yet expected to remain within the confines of it hearers was allegedly linked to the public. Top Officials of the African continent have expressed unsatisfactory,

  • Mob action affects us all

    Mob action affects us all1146

    Three issues are of paramount concern to me in this short piece. These are justice, fairness and inclusiveness. I believe that without these, progress in curbing the various forms of mob action cannot be sustained. Access to justice is the hallmark of a civilised society. And it is the cornerstone on which the entire society

  • Coping with cerebral palsy condition in Ghana is hell

    Coping with cerebral palsy condition in Ghana is hell304

    Eight month into pregnancy, I felt desperate for help, I needed help to be able to care for my two other children, I needed help especially for my daughter who has cerebral palsy (CP), I needed a care giver. I have spoken to everybody I could think of, colleagues at the office, some friends at