• MFWA’s Sulemana should leave Anas alone

    MFWA’s Sulemana should leave Anas alone0

    I virtually blew the gasket over Mr. Sulemana Braimah of Media Foundation for West Africa’s [MFWA] relentless and suspicious attacks on the credibility of Ghana’s icon in undercover investigative journalism, Anas Aremeyaw Anas about the latter’s recent exposé dubbed number 12. Mr. Sulemana’s counterintuitive and pretentious complaint to BBC over the journalistic ethics and, methodology adopted

  • Body shaming in Ghana

    Body shaming in Ghana0

    The phenomenon of body shaming is one that has recently plagued our society. Until recently, body shaming seemed alien to Africans, as stories of how people were being bullied and emotionally abused were only heard of the Americas, Europe and other such places. Africans had a different story, as people of various body shapes and

  • Can we pause a moment on “beating plastic pollution”?

    Can we pause a moment on “beating plastic pollution”?0

    All around the world, the way of doing things is rapidly mutable due to the dynamic era of technology and access to internet. This is especially evident in developing countries. Traditional ways of transportation is now an alternate to modern vehicles and aircrafts. Communication through letters, drums, physical dissemination of information are now a replacement

  • Why Anas Number 12 is not a journalistic piece- MFWA’s Sulemana

    Why Anas Number 12 is not a journalistic piece- MFWA’s Sulemana0

    On June 6 and 7, 2018, Anas Aremeyaw Anas, publicly screened his much advertised 90-minute documentary, titled Number 12. The documentary was presented as a piece of journalistic investigative work. But knowing the methods used in procuring the contents of the documentary, can it be accepted as a journalistic piece of work? My answer is

  • Musings over herbal cures and sensualities

    Musings over herbal cures and sensualities0

    Advertisements for herbal medicines as well as supposed treatment centres are becoming too much lately.  Listening to them, some are like stage comedies meant to entertain. Sometimes the advertisements make it seem as if people’s healing for all forms of illnesses including diabetes, high blood pressure, impotence, some forms of cancers and even malaria would

  • Are we growing a bead-faced hydra?

    Are we growing a bead-faced hydra?0

      I am not expertly versed with the law. But I am well informed on Ethics. And that would be the fulcrum of my argument. The argument that ethics can be sacrificed in the eye of overriding public interest is indeed valid. But this argument is offered nonchalantly with an actual proper investigation of this