• Condoms can’t prevent cervical cancer-  Dr Commeh

    Condoms can’t prevent cervical cancer- Dr Commeh0

    The Deputy Programme Manager for Non-Communicable Diseases Control of the Ghana Health Service, Dr Efua Commeh has disclosed that condoms cannot protect against cervical cancer. According to her, the virus that causes cervical cancer is found in the whole perineum (the surface region in both males and females between the pubic symphysis and the coccyx)

  • Ghana’s red-hot funerals: Buried in a chilli pepper

    Ghana’s red-hot funerals: Buried in a chilli pepper1

    Ghanaians take great pride in making coffins that reflect the life, dreams, passions and status of the dead. Loved ones believe the dead should get the best possible send-off, with funerals being elaborate affairs. Journalists Fellipe Abreu and Henrique Hedler visited two Kane Kwei Carpentry Workshops, in the capital Accra and the southern city of

  • How healthy is smoked salmon?

    How healthy is smoked salmon?0

    Once considered a luxury product, smoked salmon is now widely available all year round and has become popular in a variety of dishes. But is it really good for you, and what does a healthy portion size look like? We asked a nutritionist to take a closer look at this flavourful ingredient… What is smoked


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